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You invest money in your personal online account, and your money deposit starts trading on Forex on the next trading hour. The hour profit, generated by our automated Forex trading system, is paid to you at the end of each trading hour and can be withdrawn or reinvested at any time.

The volume of profit trades is significantly bigger than the volume of loss trades, that's why our investors make money online and become prosperous in short time.

Our company guarantees safety to every client's investments and profits, and guarantees a trading loss refund, as any trading loss is covered by our reserve fund.

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What We Offer

Investment Plan Name ($) Profit (%) Period Read More
110% After 1 Hour 110% ( Fixed hourly interest ) 1 Business Hour Invest Now
Warren Buffett Investment Strategy That Made Billions 10% - 25% ( Fixed hourly interest ) 100 Business Hours Invest Now
SPECIAL HOURLY 250% AFTER 2 HOURS 125% ( Fixed Hourly interest ) 2 Business Hours Invest Now
SC Offer 130%-190% (Fixed hourly interest) 1 Business Hour Invest Now
Instant Profit 150%-180% (Fixed hourly interest) 1 Business Hour Invest Now
CY-Special 1 150%-180% (Fixed hourly interest) 1 Business Hour Invest Now
5 Min Promo 125%-225% (Fixed hourly interest) 1 Business Hour Invest Now
CY-Special 2 160%-250% (Fixed hourly interest) 1 Business Hour Invest Now
HV Offer 200%-500% (Fixed hourly interest) 1 Business Hour Invest Now
GUARANTEED MONEY DUBBLER PLAN 200% ( Fixed hourly interest ) 1 Business Hour Invest Now
10% Daily for 30 Days 3.5% - 10% ( Fixed daily interest ) 30 Business Days Invest Now
115% After 1 Day 103% - 115% (Fixed daily interest) 1 Business Day Invest Now
200% After 3 Days 125%-200% (Fixed daily interest) 2 Business Days Invest Now
450% After 7 Days 250%-450% (Fixed daily interest) 7 Business Days Invest Now

Cash Yeild believe in simplicity, stability and security. And that is why, we trade carefully. We care for our clients and their hard owned money. It is our ethics that separates us from others. is the most authoritative and recognizable brand in the sphere of online-investment services.

Pop. Cameron Lord

CEO & Co-Founder Cash Yeild.

The primary types of activities of Cash Yeild. which were accepted from the very moment of its foundation are highly secured and balanced financial services for each individual investor.

Eloise King

Chief Revenue Officer Cash Yeild.

Cash Yeild is authorized by the Financial Services Commission of London to manage, under a mandate, portfolios of securities and give advice on securities transactions. Cash Yeild is also authorized by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of London UK to conduct activities of currency exchange merchant and brokerage, asset management, financial advisory and other associated activities.

Amelie Doherty

CTO & Co-Founder Cash Yeild.

Who We Are

We are a highly talented workforce, committed to reliability, stability and consistency, and maximizing every investment opportunity.

The management team of Cash Yeild are investors, managers and business people, who founded Cash Yeild due to a gap in the market. They found that when they were in need of assistance in setting up new businesses in investment markets or looking for sincere advice or direction in Investment opportunities that it was almost impossible to find this service in one place and by a company that understood the values and ethics that they worked too.


As a recognized pre-eminent investment company, we continually try to increase the value of our business using highly efficient innovative structures, practices and honesty.
Cash Yeild places the highest priority on maintaining high ethical values, and we are committed to contributing to the development of society through integrity and fair business exercitation. We also engage in personnel training that focuses on developing the creative ability of each individual employee, and operate within a corporate culture that eagerly accepts new challenges and promotes free-thinking.
We accelerate the evolution of innovations around the world by being European leader in investments, processing transactions, delivering innovations in secure infrastructure, speed and intelligence.

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